Stock footage webinar

Stock footage may sound very far afield for those of you interested in creating mobile content. But it’s not as far-fetched as you might think. There are an increasing number of stock footage companies offering lower cost stockfootagestock for producers of online and mobile content. And all of you shooters creating that mobile content might be able to create a new revenue stream by licensing your footage to a stock footage company.

The topic is Monetizing Stock Footage. I’m flogging it in part because I am moderating the webinar, but also because I think a subset of MobilizedTV readers will find this useful. Participants include Paula Lumbard and Carol Martin of The Footage Bank, an all-HD footage house, and footagehead, that lower cost company for mobile creators. Also on board is BBC Motion Gallery’s Jan Ross. Cinematographers who are making at least a partial living off of licensing stock footage are Gil Hubbs, ASC and Randall Dark, an HD pioneer.

It should be an interesting 90 minute conversation, and there will be plenty of time to ask questions. To sweeten the deal, all webinar attendees will receive 50 percent off any Class On Demand product sold in the Studio Daily store, anything from training on Adobe CS4, Final Cut and Avid to Sony XDCAM and Shooting HDV.


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