2009 Mobile Excellence Awards Accepting Submissions

The Mobile Excellence Awards is now officially accepting submissions for 2009, for “all walks of the ecosystem,” including entertainment, media & technology, in a series of upcoming events for the industry to celebrate the best of mobilemealogo entertainment.

The premiere Mobile Excellence Awards event last year was a killer event. MobilizedTV encourages its readers to submit and join the fun at the event.

The 2009 Mobile Excellence Award Categories are as follows:

Industry Star Award
Chosen for exemplary achievement and overall impact on the mobile entertainment industry, by either, product, service, or executive team’s effort in making a difference

People’s Choice Award
Special Recognition for Industry Achievement chosen by the Mobile community itself

Mobile Ambassador Award
Recognizes the company or individual which/who has most effectively supported the goals of Mobile Monday LA, its programs, and the mobile community at large


Best Start-up – Honors the mobile entertainment oriented company less than 3 years in business which has achieved the most success
Best Mobile Innovator – Honors a company which has proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model
Best Mobile International – Honors mobile companies which have proved to be the most progressive or launched the most groundbreaking product/service/model from outside the U.S


Best Mobile Advertising – Honors the best mobile advertising platform, service, function or package serving the advertising community or that is consumer friendly in integrating the advertising experience
Best Mobile Social Network – Honors the best social mobile network platform, service, function or environment as part of overall offering, or that integrates a consumer friendly social network into the overall experience
Best Mobile Product or Service – Honors the best mobile applications, to include, search, navigation tools, LBS services, etc. in at least one or more markets, with products or services that have helped corporate or mobile users to work smarter and “do business better”
Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough – Honors the contribution that Mobile Operators, manufacturers, and suppliers make to increase mobile usage, ARPU, expand the user experience, and helps expand business opportunities
Best Mobile Delivery Platform – Honors companies that have developed or contributed a mobile application to deliver mobile content, entertainment or Value Added service that enhanced content delivery platforms and attracted new mobile users


Best Advertiser – Honors the brand whose campaigns have made the best use of mobile platforms, technology and apps such as banners, click-to-call, advergames, targeting and international reach to build and promote itself
Best Mobile Brand/Marketing Campaign – Honors the mobile marketing campaign that was either created for a brand or on behalf of an entertainment property, which makes the best use of viral marketing to enhance a brands consumer awareness through mobile adoption
Best Mobile Viral Campaign – Honors the campaign that utilizes new industry sectors, include advertising supported mobile content models, video clips, or promotional campaigns using MMS, SMS, video, mobile couponing etc. and successfully used call-to-action or other transactions to collect data and/or drive sales or activity related to sales


Best Mobile Video Programming – Honors the company whose overall programming offers the consumer the best video entertainment experience
Best Mobile Game – Honors the best out of all game content categories combined, including casual, multiplayer or original
Best Mobile Music Application – Honors best out of all music content categories combined, including ring tones, library, radio, or other music experiences
Best Original Content for Mobile Television – Honors the best content developed for mobile as an extension to a traditional TV show or series, fiction or non-fiction
Best Mobile Original Program For Film – Honors Short Films/Documentaries, feature programming/ show(s) fiction, non-fiction or other narrative video/graphics content created specifically for mobile devices
Best Community/Fan Content – honors integrated content, activities and/or interactive experience created to serve specific interest groups or fan base of particular entertainment artist or program
Best Mobile Content Development – Honors the company that has developed the most innovative User Generated or professionally produced content that engages the mobile user and enhances the traditional mobile content experience

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