Mobilized TV is an online newsletter focused on the intersection of the professional film/TV industry and the mobile/wireless world. These two industries have their own distinct culture and their own language. Their understanding of each other’s world is far from perfect. Except for a handful of people in both industries, it’s still a blind date. To move on to the engagement stage, each industry has to understand the other. Hollywood insiders know all too well the results of outsiders who move in without “getting” Hollywood: dismal failure.

The most promising point of intersection is broadband video, which just this year has turned into a fruitful collaboration between traditional Hollywood content creators who often switch hats–or wear many of them. Because so much of what is going on in broadband will easily segue to the mobile platform, MobilizedTV will also cover interesting content in that world.

Is mobile TV dead in the water? You can read plenty of opinion pieces that give the thumbs down. I believe that Hollywood—with its vast reserves of valuable content and the appetite and knowledge to make more—knows better.

Mobile TV/entertainment is still below-the-horizon in the U.S., but not for long. We’re at the beginning stages of knowing what content works and what doesn’t, much less how to create revenue streams. That’s what keeps it interesting, and we plan on keeping it interesting—and informative-for you.